Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Critical Role Aesthetics | Places: Ank’Harel

“It’s a city of vibrant color. You see nearly every home, storefront, and outhouse has some form of draping silks or painted mural to give it individual character, creating a calming, soothing symphony of… really nothing. It’s just the presentation of it all.”

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I don’t care if you’re Jewish or not. If you act like commemorating the deaths of 6 million of our number is somehow a privilege and that we are not allowed to mourn our own dead or speak out against the hatred that caused such horrors without ALSO simultaneously talking about other genocides, you are being antisemitic. I spent a lot of time, effort and ink fighting the Darfur Genocide along with a large number of other Jewish activists and so many of the people criticizing how Jews talk about genocide weren’t there. In fact, many of them criticized us for not focusing our activism on Palestine. I won’t be lectured by these kinds of people. The number one cause of death in my family over the past century has been murder by Nazi. I have spoken to every living member of my father’s family out to my third cousins. I have been told that I should thank Hitler for being alive because my grandparents met at a DP camp and wouldn’t have met were their entire families not murdered. I’ve been told that the “real Holocaust” was of Ukrainians (many of whom were collaborators and whose descendants are trying to deny Babi Yar), or that the Holocaust targeted people who had brown hair (like Hitler himself), or that it wasn’t antisemitic because of other victims, as if “Mein Kampf” didn’t have numerous explicit passages targeting Jews specifically, as if there weren’t boycotts of Jewish families specifically, as if the Yellow Stars were universally applied.

If I take these things personally it’s because they are personal. I am labelled as a “Third Generation Survivor” at the US Holocaust Museum. I have a 90 year old grandmother who survived Bergen-Belsen and the Warsaw Ghetto and there are people who are telling that narrowly avoiding being murdered alongside the rest of her family is somehow a privilege. Or that I somehow “celebrate” the Holocaust. What the hell kind of word choice is that? 

Howard Jacobson is right. We will never be forgiven for the Holocaust. They wish we had the good sense to die out so as not to plague their consciences.

Please reblog this if not Jewish so it doesn’t just circulate around Jumblr only because this is so important and so true.

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i can’t handle this pic of john cho on the set of drunk history

Dang, yes….

This was unexpected and I’M YELLING

… this is the first time he’s ever been even slightly conceptually attractive to me.

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