May. 5th, 2017

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So yesterday was a Day and then today, well right now my current mood can only really be described as Drunk Inigo Montoya yelling at clouds and Waiting for Vizzini. Given that I am alcohol sober but not caffeine sober - this is slightly hilarious to my sluggish brain.

Today? is work and then a playoff game and I cannot even begin to describe to you how much my feelings are FEELINGS about this game because I just don't want to jinx anything and I still have a hard time intellectually grasping that we're even here where we are right now.

Especially since it is this week and ya'll, I hate this week. I have a long standing hate fest for the first week in May for an increasing list of reasons. So this is one of those things that you really only understand if you've lived in this part of the south for a while. Everyone hates the week before the Kentucky Derby. Everyone. The reason why is because the week leading up to Derby is the week that we are guaranteed to have the most ridiculous extreme weather possible. Finger of God tornadoes happen on this week, floods happen on this week, I would not at all be surprised if we were to have an earthquake or a volcano on this week.

So yeah.

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