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Here's the link to all of my Shannara season one reviews. Shannara Chronicles Reviews

So far it's been a very interesting 2016 and I've been more busy than I truly had expected to be. It's amazing the curveballs that life throws you sometimes. Since January, there's been some huge moving and shaking in my personal life, the Gray parents left one career and are starting new ones. Thankfully, much closer to me this time and it's been interesting to weather all the bumps in the road in this set of transitions. You don't quite know exactly how fortunate you are until you realize that you've been placed where you are, with what you have in order to be able to be there for people like this.

So the current warm body count in the Gray house is 5 and the current Cat Count is 6 (4 that belong to me and my charming, long suffering best friend/housemate and 2 that belong to the parentals). I rest assured that all of the furry ones know that without the two legged ones, there is no food.

They, however, have adopted my teenage brother as one of them. Which is hysterical to watch as the elder cats try and parent him and the younger kittens either just want to snuggle him or play all the games ever with him.

I plan on writing up my awesome experiences at AnachroCon this week and posting them here, truly it was an experience that I am so glad I was able to have. I met so many amazing people and it was pretty much just an all around great time. The next cons on the schedule will be Fandomfest and Dragon*Con unless something happens and something else gets added.

Also planning a trip to Vienna sometime in the next year or so, visit some family and actually see some of Europe. And of course any news about the books and anything else I do will get dropped here first. So there will be some much more substantive posts here in a little while.

For now, the Day Jobbe calleth, and I must answer it.
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Review of the Premiere is up!

101. Chosen

And for those of you who've seen it, tell me what you thought in the comments! I have a lot of thoughts so far (way more than my review word limit would allow - LOL)
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So I wrote something about the new Shannara trailer

This is the site that I will be putting up all the Shannara reviews for. Met the Editor-in-Chief during Dragon*Con and I'm super stoked about being able to do stuff like this for a show that I very dramatically hope does not not suck. Shannara is one of my favorite series and I'm so excited for this.

Eventine being played by John Rhys-Davies also really super excites me. The Elessedils are my favorite elven royalty (Wishsong destroyed me in a lot of ways) and that he's this one is amazing.


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