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Because Dad was re-telling this story last night and I was too tired to type it up then, so I'm sharing it with you all now.

So the movie has JUST come out on VHS and we have watched it for The First Time. I am 3 and Sister A is a yearish. Mom and Dad are still in the living room when Dad hears some strange noises from the kitchen and his "dad senses" tingle. He walks into the kitchen and freezes because I am armed with a meat cleaver and Sister A has a barbecue fork. We are giggling as we are sword-fighting on the counters over the stove. (because EVEN THEN just playing with sharp implements wasn't enough, we had to add elements of height! and potential FIRE! to the equation)

Dad does the Owen Grady raptor trainer hands as he carefully and calmly disarms us and moves us off the counters. Then he hands us wooden spoons and tells us we can fight over there on the carpet where they can see.

Mom, when told, wants to know why he didn't spank us. Dad literally shrugged at her and went "They just needed safer weapons? They're just imitating what they saw in the movie?"


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