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It's crisp and perfect hoodie weather and that makes it my favorite season out of the year. Not too hot, not too cold, perfect weather for being outside. The cats slightly hate me for leaving them inside, but with it getting colder, the risk of fleas gets higher and after the Fleapocalypse of 2014, we're not taking any chances. I would like to make it through one year without risking life and limb by giving the cats flea baths if I can help it.

I always associate this time of year with new beginnings - I think it comes from fall semesters always kicking off the school year and in my head, New Year's isn't in January. It's after Labor Day and Dragon*Con heralds the coming of the new year. It's a good time for long walks and introspection and of course, writing a lot.

It also brings with it the Fall lineups - the returning shows and those that are the latest greatest shiniest new ideas that the network parade in front of us. For someone who loves watching/listening/consuming all kinds of stories, it's both the best and worst time of the year.

That being said, this is my current schedule of shows that I'll be watching.

New Shows/New Seasons:
Quantico - Sundays (the premise looks interesting even if some of the promos for it are flawed)
Minority Report - Mondays (based off the movie and worth seeing if it's good)
The Bastard Executioner - Tuesdays (It's done by the creator of Sons of Anarchy and it's a period piece - color the historian intrigued)
Blacklist - Thursday (finally our burning questions will totally not be answered in the ways we've been speculating they will be!)
The Originals - Thursday (because Vampire Diaries got too painfully bad to watch and the Mikaelsons are fascinating trainwrecks)

Things I need to Watch/Finish (mostly weekends inbetween writing):
Turn s1 & s2
Agent Carter
Fringe S3-5


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