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So lately I have been feeling a lot like I am going to just crack and break and that I need to just get away and go just anywhere else just to get away from all the things that are stressing me out and all the things that I am responsible for and all of the weights of that responsibility and duty and honor and family tradition and everything.

There's been a lot of moving parts in the last couple of months, especially with regards to myself and my health. If this were me in college, then I would have already run away to the eternally welcoming bosoms of two of my dearest friends who are sincerely some of the best and brightest of this world.

Sadly as I am in Tennessee and they are not, I don't have that as an option really. Running down to Atlanta is also not an option for reasons of saving money and at this point I'm not actually certain that even if I got there, I'd be able to get home after. With my luck, the last remaining highways would go up and I'd be trapped behind the concrete and asphalt moat that surrounds the fair city of Atlanta.

So I am going on a trip.

Saturday morning, I am getting up and eating and then going to go off on my trip. It's a reading trip through a pile of to-reads and half-reads. I'm really just spending the entire day not worrying about my word count, my day jobbe life, my upcoming events, or the family drama llama carousel ride.

I'm going to dive into the pile of books and go adventuring through their pages. Falling in love with the strangest of characters and getting pulled into all sorts of strange and wonderful and weird places. So I have ebooks and dead tree books and then also audiobooks for when I just have to move around and/or cook/bake a thing or two.

My ever charming and always nicer than me roommate is joining me on this quest - she's already assembled her pile. I'm still working on mine. If you'd like to know more or even join us on this mighty and magical and mysterious quest...follow this link down the rabbit hole

I can hardly wait for this weekend, ya'll.

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